Your Partners In Health

Dr. Mark Nelson and Margaret Van Houten have been coaching people for more than a decade, empowering thousands to lose weight, improve their overall health, and lead more fulfilled and active lives.


Mark transitioned from treating and managing disease as a cardiologist to empowering and creating health and well-being for himself, his patients, and many others as a health coach. Margaret has always had a passion for helping others and found guiding others to better health through health coaching to be enormously fulfilling.  


Mark and Margaret work with clients nationwide who seek better health, as well as health professionals who want to help their patients lose weight and reduce disease and medications. They also work with individuals who understand that health coaching is a wonderful way to help others while enriching their own lives.


Mark and Margaret believe that each of us has the ability to create health in our own lives—instead of simply reacting to disease. Improving our mental and physical health is a choice each of us can make. We invite you to join us on the path to a healthier and more active life.

Mark and Margaret are both Certified Health Coaches in partnership with the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at the Villanova College of Nursing.