Grow revenue for your Pharmacy and help your patients during this challenging time

Create health for your patients and grow revenue and profits for your Pharmacy. No PBMs, no billing, no ICD-10 codes, and no inventory. Our program and business are done completely virtually, without in-person patient contact. While at home, patients lose weight and improve their overall health. Our program is evidence-based, and meals and program materials are delivered to your patients' door.


Patients lose weight at home and improve their overall health. Weight loss can result in improved clinical outcomes and reduced chronic disease burden. Generate Physician referrals.


Diversify your Pharmacy. Grow revenue and profits with our virtual (no contact) program and business. No need of PBM’s or ICD-10 billing. No inventory.


Our program is evidence based and affordable. Meals and program materials are delivered to your patient’s door. Extensive on-line support including virtual coaching.

“It’s incredible how bringing this program into my pharmacy has helped my bottom line. With PBM’s, DIR fees, and mail order chipping away at my profits, this program has provided me with a stable income, and a way to help my customers create health and well-being in their lives.” - SCOTT, RPh

Why weight loss? Learn about our healthy solution.


Diversify your Pharmacy, and grow revenue and profits by helping your patients at a distance. Curious to find out more about our program? Get in touch with us today.


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